Staying motivated is indeed a concept we come across every day.

We need to be motivated for almost everything we do. Our actions need to have or lack the energy, conviction and excitement to yield the results we want.

At least, that is true for me.

How about you?

I like what Wiki says about ‘motivation’:

“… the experience of desire or aversion…You want something, or want to avoid or

escape something.”

So, what are you motivated about today?

More to the point, how can you stay motivated with your career or even business, if you’re not employed?

Here are 3 tips to stay motivated with your career


Connect with who you are and what you do! Most people will look at this from an alignment perspective.

This is why people who are successful with their careers talk about loving what you do or at least being clear on ‘WHY’ you do what you do.

This includes a good dose of ambition.

Think about future plans for progression but also enjoy every moment in the ‘now’.

This is visible to others and enables you to magnetise the right people to you for success.

It means gaining more votes of confidence from colleagues, bosses, HR and recruitment teams, customers, random people you meet at networking etc.

Having a good sense of purpose builds a very attractive career personality and brand for you in the workplace.

Check out Eckhart Tolle’s book on ‘The Power of Now’.


As we connect with who we are, it’s difficult for us to try to be anyone else.

It’s best practice to have mentors e.g. leaders or colleagues we aspire to in the workplace.

It is even more important to understand that as we learn from others, we also need to know how to bring our own uniqueness to the table.

This is one of the reasons why the word ‘AUTHENTIC’ is becoming very popular in the workplace.

Over the last 3 months, I’ve been asked to speak or be part of a speaker panel on 3 occasions by corporates.

All 3 event topics have been related to ‘authenticity in the workplace’.

Bottom line, if you are true to yourself and aligned to the culture and ethos of your company/employer, you stand a better chance of career progression, upwards, sideways etc.


Successful people take a fall every now and again.

Actually, most admit that some of these falls make them who they become.

I have my fair share of these along my career path – from near redundancies to a total boot out.

So, be motivated to own your career and know that it’s not the fall that matters.

Some try winging it in several ways.

It could work, but it only goes so far… Develop depth, be willing to evolve as a person! Build good and meaningful relationships that are strategically linked to your dream career progression.

Finally, always ask for exactly what you want.

Don’t hold back.

You are powerful beyond measure; totally capable of the successful career you dream of!

Bonus TIP:

Like most places in our world, the workplace could be an interesting political arena. Sometimes, you may come against a battle.

Pick your battles wisely by applying emotional intelligence to scenarios.

Go for ease.

To be truly motivated for career success, have a sense of purpose, show up for you and others as part of your job and be bold enough to own your career.

Maggie Sarfo is a passionate author, speaker, advisor and mentor for inspirational people looking to explode sales growth revenue or access their highest potential. Her blog is her playground, where she explores the topics of purpose, business growth, personal growth and peak performance