We’re halfway through November and we are already complaining that Christmas starts too early – then we will probably spend the week leading up to Christmas day complaining that there’s not enough time to fit in Christmas shopping.

This is the time of the year when we start filling our trolleys with mince pies and our websites with statistics.

This is going to be PinkSEO ‘s first Christmas and the very first infographics, too.

Something definitely worth celebrating! And, thinking ahead of Christmas as a time for giving and sharing, why don’t you give encouraging links and social sharing to this artwork?

seo stats 2017
8 amazing SEO stats 2017: the infographics

The 8 amazing SEO stats of 2017 that we chose from this long list are:

If you wish our assistance in transforming these amazing SEO stats of 2017  into the real Search Engine Optimisation of your own website, just give us a shout. We love challenges!