We have the privilege today to interview a highly experienced HR professional from Brisbane, Australia, specialised in learning and development.

Alex Correa understands the importance of creating the right environment in which people can be the best they can be and she’s now recognised as an industry expert in matters relating to people, talent development and organisational culture.

With more than 15 years in executive recruitment working with some of Australia’s leading professional services recruitment firms, in 2010 Alex established Alex Correa Executive https://www.alexcorreaexecutive.com.au/, amongst the most well-known and respected recruitment firms assisting corporations and legal firms in Brisbane, with a commitment to provide her clients effective and timely recruitment solutions that remains today.

In 2019, Alex founded Developing Talent https://developingtalent.com.au/, a division dedicated to helping organisations and executives create and cultivate inclusive workplaces to boost their productivity, innovation and performance.

How would you explain your business to someone who has no knowledge of it?

We are essentially a training and advisory firm specialised in the diversity, equity and inclusion space. Through our training, we build the confidence of leaders and managers to navigate diversity and inclusion with confidence. We also help to raise awareness of how biases and behaviour can prevent business growth and success.

How long have you been in this business? And in other businesses?

Over 20 years working in the people and culture space

Why did you choose it?

We are passionate about creating inclusive workplaces that are reflective of the communities they serve.

How do you attract your clients?

We actively market and network with industry professionals, run workshop events and attend relevant industry conferences

Can you describe your customers?

CEOs, People and Culture Managers, Training Managers and Diversity and Inclusion Managers in small to large-sized companies, and government departments.

Where do you see your business in the next year? In the next five years?

We have strong and ambitious growth plans with a view to rolling our programs throughout corporate Australia

Which things make you happy as a small business owner?

Our ability to engage with businesses large and small and the ability to choose the companies we partner with.

Which is your best-selling product or service and why do you think your clients love it so much?

The cornerstone piece in our business is the Equally Yours board game for which we are the exclusive license of in Australia. It is a fantastic gamification tool that facilitates discussion, learning and behaviour change in a way that other training just can’t. It’s literally a game-changer!

Why do your customers select you over your competitors?

It’s quite simple, we partner with our clients to become an extension of their team.

Customer Retention: how do you keep your customers happy?

We ensure that any challenges they face in the DEI area are not faced alone.

Which challenges did and do you face, in running your business?

The biggest challenge was finding the right people who believed in what we were doing and had a shared vision.

Is there any business lesson you learnt through experience that you wish you knew about earlier in life?

Surround yourself with service providers and industry partners who compliment you, be prepared to invest in the relationship and the sky is the limit.

How do you maintain a good work-life balance?

In my view, it’s not a balance but rather integration. There are days when we may need to push that bit harder and others where you can take a breath. Exercise and meditation are my go-to!

Which is your best strategy for time management?

Still trying to work that one out. We are implementing agile ways of working. Hoping that is will deliver some great results. Let’s talk in 12 mths.