Getting to know how to use Pinterest for business today cannot neglect the necessity to activate the Rich Pins on your account.

But, what are the Rich Pins?

A Rich Pin is a pin that displays more information about your content within Pinterest. It helps your pins stand out and appear even more appealing to pinners.

You may have noticed already that in some recipe pins, for example, if you are viewing the pin in full-screen, even before you click the pin to go to their site, you will be able to see the ingredients, the cook time and even the serving size listed right below the pin itself: that’s a rich pin.

The blogger who created that pin for that specific recipe had enabled rich pins on their blog.

So, who can use Rich Pins?

Rich Pins are pretty easy to set up, because all you need are two things:

  1. A Pinterest Business account
  2. A blog, or a website that you will be pinning your original content from.

Now, let’s see how to activate Rich Pins on your account:

There are many ways to can enable Rich Pins on your account; in my opinion, the best, easiest and fastest way to do it is by using the Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress (which is useful for so many other reasons, too!).

Setting up Yoast SEO

In your WordPress sidebar, navigate down to Plugins > Add New. There you can search for Yoast SEO Plugin and when you found it, download it and activate it on your website.

Now that the plugin is installed on your website, you should notice a new tab in your sidebar called SEO. Go to that tab, click Social and a new page will open up with different social media tabs on the top.

Click on the Facebook tab. (I know that’s weird, you may think you want to click on the Pinterest tab, but actually Facebook is the one that we need now).

Under the Facebook settings, there is a tab to enable or disable the “Add Open Graph metadata“. You want this option enabled.

yoast SEO plugin social media tab

The next thing to do is to open the Rich Pins Validator, which is a service provided by Pinterest to enable the Rich Pins on your website.

The box you just enabled in the Yoast SEO Plugin will allow the proper page metadata to be visible for Pinterest. It will tell Pinterest that you’ve enabled your metadata which will now be able to find the data it needs in order to get these rich pins for you.

At the bottom of the Rich Pins Validator page, there is a box in which you can post a URL. Choose any of your blog posts, it really doesn’t matter which one, copy the URL and paste it here, click Validate and that’s it!

How to use Pinterest Rich Pins Validator

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