The different platforms and tools that we can use when we are doing activities of digital marketing for Schools are so many.

What private and independent schools particularly aim to obtain with digital marketing is to get their ideal families to know, like and trust them in order to become their loyal ambassadors.

Instagram Marketing is one of the most effective strategies to develop in order to reach this goal, allowing schools to showcase their photos, images, videos and graphics to a huge number of prospective families

Through Instagram Marketing, schools can also nurture the loyalty of their already enrolled families, offering a valid reason and a strong platform for them to encourage word of mouth recommendations, through likes, comments and the simple-yet-precious tip to their friends to follow their School on Instagram.

Basically, these are the

5 main reasons why Instagram Marketing is a strong opportunity for a private School.

  1. The first reason is that Instagram matches very well the target that independent schools try to reach A school’s – particularly a primary school’s – typical demographic target is a woman, 30 to 35 years old: a perfect match for your Instagram user, according to the current Instagram Demographics statistics of users.
    5 reasons why Instagram Marketing is a strong opportunity for your School

    These ideal mums are the ones looking at the market to check what’s available on offer, regarding schools and education. This kind of 20-30 years old mum wouldn’t be as ideally targetted through the Yellow Pages or a radio ad, for example, since most of them listen to Spotify much more than radio. Using the best communication channels to reach the targeted audience is one of the basic rules of digital marketing and Instagram Marketing certainly meets a private school’s target very well.

  2. The visual element is the second most important reason why Instagram Marketing is such a strong opportunity for a private School: their targeted audiences are very visual in the way they absorb information and content and Instagram gives the schools a precious opportunity to jump into their mobile newsfeeds.
  3. The third big advantage of Instagram marketing for schools is how good it helps engagement and community building. Each social network provides a specific value in social media marketing: the same picture wouldn’t get the same result on Facebook, where an article about an athletic event or the Open Morning would probably perform better, instead. Instagram users love to give feedback to their community via their like button, they generally have a high level of engagement and the right community engagement with content is pure gold in digital marketing.
  4. Instagram filters are a valid fourth reason to use it. One of the goals of Instagram is to take beautiful images and to show them as awesome. Schools on Instagram can showcase some of their photos using filters so that they will look even more amazing. Think of all those images, which are not official enough to be printed on a brochure, like the unique places you pass by every day, which inspire you: prospective families deserve the opportunity to see them and to realise how proud the school is of its own facilities.
  5. The final reason we will list are the videos, which on Instagram can last up to 60 seconds: a great opportunity to think creatively of how do we capture in only one minute something about the School. This could provide also as a great opportunity to involve your parents and students in making movies and sharing them, for example.

Just mentioning these 5 opportunities makes it clear already how strong an opportunity Instagram Marketing can be for a private School.

Contact us if you wish to get some more insight on how to get some of these strategies into use for your specific school!