How would you explain your business to someone who has no knowledge of it?

Execview offers a versatile Programme and Project Management (PPM) reporting software that provides companies with a system for risk assessment and governance, which facilitates decision making, strategic planning and cost control.

Why do your customers select you over your competitors?

Security. All of our staff have security clearance and Execview is cleared to the highest security clearance for working with data. We are also hosted in the UK, this is critical for some of our clients. Public sector clients need to depend on the security of their data and the accuracy of the reporting that we provide. We are very good at this. From the beginning of a project, the data they input will provide them with clear risk assessment. And allow them to make decisions that will affect the outcomes and budgets for their organisation.

Our product enables users and stakeholders to drill down into any information to achieve a comprehensive view of their project and programme. Very few systems give this level of granularity and most that do are expensive non-British options.

Customer Retention: how do you keep your customers happy?

We are extremely proud of our Customer Service Team. They work tirelessly to provide help and assistance to customers. We talk to people, we don’t rely on automated query answers.  At Execview we promote an “Open Culture”, everybody’s view counts we partner and knowledge share. Personally, I am delighted that we hold the Investors in People Accreditation.  It is a reflection on the whole team that we passed with flying colours. We are extending this culture within the company out through our interactions and communications to our customers.

Can you describe your customers?

Our clients are public sector, central and local government, utilities, housing associations as well as consultancies working in these sectors. Needless to say, they have high expectations but we are a dynamic team and aim to stay on top of their requirements and deliver service with a smile. Our recommendations and referrals are a testament to the team’s success at this.

How do you attract your clients?

Our clients have predominantly come to us through “recommendation” someone has used it before and recommended us based on the success they have experienced when using our platform. We are really proud of that, we keep in close contact with our user network and make sure we make the whole Execview experience a good one!

How did you get started?

Execview was founded in 2003 in response to the BBC’s request for a means to assess risk and track spend and deliverables on their major outsource programme. Everyone involved in the programme required clear visibility, accurate reporting and ability to collaborate. Hence, we built a system that provided insights for strategy and high-level decision making through gated governance which allowed for nominated users to see the status and be aware of issues in their projects. This information was then rolled up to stakeholders and senior management.

Where do you see your business in the next year? In the next five years?

We are putting a bright new interface on our current product which will go live in 6 weeks. I want users to feel engaged and motivated when they log-in to Execview. Inputting data and sharing information should be enjoyed, the benefits understood and realised. This is all about team collaboration and mutual success. In a world of increased use of social media platforms, we are striving to replicate the fun, ease and interaction that users get in their day to day communications. We don’t want reporting to be a drudge with no clarity on the outcomes.

These enhancements will be our focus for the remainder of this year.

In the background, we are developing an exciting product which will be aimed at a new market for us. A “Lite” version of our complex but beautiful platform. A system designed to fit in with a new way of working remotely or on the go. Condensed fast reporting for a new generation learning about business software and applications. Our Go-To-Market strategy has started and we will be implementing this over the next 18 months to target the new market then plan to expand the footprint over the following 3 years.

Which things make you happy as a small business owner?

Working in a small team that is driven to succeed in an international market place is exhilarating.  Supporting each other and getting involved in everyone’s job roles is immensely interesting, I am constantly challenged and love learning about other people and their area of expertise.

Which challenges did and do you face, running your business?

It can be challenging at times to get your thoughts and plans straight. Early on I recognised the need to bounce ideas around in a “safe” environment.  So I have worked hard to build a small but supportive network of similar people, often small business owners or independent consultants. I used to worry that I was alone in some of the day-to-day problems we faced. But as I built my network, I quickly realised that we all shared very similar issues and dilemmas.  Chatting through “lessons learned” is a great way to build your confidence and take comfort from others who have trod the same path.

Is there any business lesson you learnt through experience that you wish you knew about earlier in life?

If you are serious about running your own business you will need to work very hard, stay focused and never give up. Not just you, but the team that works with you. It needs to be a common goal and one which you need to nurture. Simple but true.

How do you maintain a good work-life balance?

With difficulty but luckily my kids will intervene and suggest I get out more. And the dog will remind me twice a day that I need to go for a walk. It’s important to switch off, I firmly believe that your most productive time is early morning through till mid-afternoon so I try to organise my day accordingly. During lockdown and in the middle of Mental Awareness Week, I would encourage everyone to get fresh air and look around at the wonderful things we often take for granted.

Which is your best strategy for time management?

I’ll tell you when I have discovered it 😉

Jane Randall, CEO and Director of Execview