The Link Building Prospects Report is a new addition in our set of SEO prospecting tools.

One of the undisputed criteria for ranking well on Google is having a qualitative backlinks profile. This means having a high number of high-quality links coming from third-party domains to yours.

Every link, in fact, is, in Google’s “eyes” considered as a “token of appreciation” of your site. Think of them as a series of qualitative recommendations and endorsements: they would definitely sparkle in your curiosity to contact a specific business owner instead of another. Simplifying this massively, the same happens to Google when the algorithm needs criteria to identify the very best results to rank in those coveted top positions, among all the – millions, often, of competitors.

Not all domains that could possibly link to yours could have the same value, though. There are factors that you have to consider like Domain Authority (read more about this concept in my article on link building tactics), the relevancy of topics, Country of origin, and much more.

This is why our link building tool helps you find out the potential sites that would be the best fit as potential link building prospects for your site.

The Link Building Prospects Report will produce a list of specific prospects that takes into consideration:

  • the Country
  • up to 10  keywords, that your site would like to be found for
  • up to 10 main competitors of your business

The Link Building Prospects Report will be a precious ally in your outreach email campaign in order to potentially acquire links.

(Check this article on How to do link building email outreach).

In fact, it lists only sites which are very relevant for you, that link to your competitors and/or product, but not to your site yet.
The next step for you to do will be to get in touch with these sites’ owners for some PR opportunities, in order to hopefully acquire a link to your site, too.

The domains on the list are recommended because of their:

  • Domain score, which is a metric that measures the importance of a domain, based on the volume and quality of links pointing to this domain;
  • Trust score, which measures the trustworthiness of a particular domain, based on the number of backlinks from trusted sites pointing to the domain. Backlinks from sites with a low trust score might trigger penalties from search engines like Google.

The link opportunities you can achieve from the Link Building Prospects Report can come from:

  1. Adding a link to one of your pages from a specific piece of content of theirs. In this case, what we recommend you do is to contact the site owner and, explaining that you appreciate their publication very much, kindly ask them if they could include a link from their post to that page of yours since you think it could provide very interesting information to their readers.
  2. Publishing a guest post, or case study – press release of yours, since they are clearly interested in your specific topics. To do this, you should check on these sites which are their guidelines for contribution or email them to ask them kindly to inform you about this. Then, you should send them a guest post, or a case study/press release. Please bear in mind that you should always send unique content to your potential link builder.
  3. Contributing to forums, questions and discussions (this will not only create your site a backlink but also increase your brand awareness and reputation)
Building links in this qualitative way can take some time but will probably also help your organic traffic grow through these referrals.

Good luck with your link building campaign

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