SEO Strategy Services for SMEs.

The Pink Diamond Membership is the most inclusive offer, perfect for companies that require a bespoke approach to their SEO.

With the Pink Diamond Corporate SEO Strategy Services, every month you will have

  • Continuous tracking of how your website is raking on Google, receiving a Position tracking report every month (Keywords to track: unlimited)
  • Complete repair of any SEO issue with technical fixes to the code, so that your website will then be totally SEO friendly from a code perspective.
  • The Assessment of your website health from an SEO Perspective with several Full Site Audit. You will receive a weekly report which keeps you updated on your website SEO performance status.
  • Unlimited number of Keywords search you can require, with our assistance in the strategic choice of the one with the best ratio between the highest possible search traffic and lost possible keyword difficulty. This will allow you to have each and every blog post – or new page – you will create optimised for the best possible keyword for your target audience.
  • Unlimited monthly Optimisation ideas, to understand how should a piece of content be optimised, in order to increase their ranking compared with the websites that are currently ranking in the top 10 positions of Google.
  • Access to the closed Facebook Group, in which new SEO tips are being published on a daily basis.
  • Once a month, one PinkSEO Academy group coaching lesson, via Google Hangouts. Each other’s questions and doubts will be precious to acquire new precious information and be able to get the very best from your online marketing.
  • One monthly individual Coaching Session tailored to your specific and unique business needs (includes consultation on personal Google Analytics and Search Console, setting up personal goals, coaching how to create a unique link building campaign, Social Media / Email Marketing analysis and optimisation, etc).
  • E-mail assistance for any doubt or question.
  • Hosting solution included if required. WordPress specialized, it aims to have any WordPress page loaded in less than 1 second.
    Unlimited email, unlimited subdomains, 10Gb of disc space, free HTTPS, 100Mb flat bandwidth, Plesk control panel.

We recommend a minimum of 6 months duration to be able to fully acknowledge the results of the optimisation efforts. 

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