Discover and track Google ranking positions for your website with our SEO keyword tracking tool.

Get to know in which position does your website appear on Google results’ pages, for target keywords in the Google top 100 organic and paid results, which is their average monthly volume of traffic!

With the SEO keyword tracking tool, you will be able to track Google ranking positions of up to three competitors for the same keywords, as well, together with changes for them and for your own. A side-by-side comparison of your rankings versus your competitors’ points out search terms you need to focus on more. That way, you will be aware of more websites that are driving traffic away from your website.

You will see all their searched terms grouped according to the domain’s position in Google’s and Bing’s top 20 organic search results (1-3, 4-10, 11-20) and estimate the value of keywords, comparing them against main web performance indicators, such as traffic, search volume, an estimate of CPC, competition, the number of search results, and trend.

The SEO keyword tracking tool will allow you to see where your organic search tactics are winning and if there is room for improvement, how your optimization efforts help your keyword rankings progress in paid and organic search over time.

The data is available for both desktop and mobile index and you can create multilingual tracking campaigns for any Country location you’d like.

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