The role of SEO in attracting quality candidates and clients

In our ongoing series, “SEO For…”, let’s examine the benefits of SEO for surgeons, and how partnering with PinkSEO could revolutionise your online visibility and patient acquisition efforts.

At its core, SEO is about enhancing your health care practice’s visibility on Google and other search engines, thereby driving organic website traffic and attracting potential patients.

For surgeons, a strong online presence can mean the difference between being discovered by patients in need of your expertise or being overshadowed by competitors.

PinkSEO specialises in crafting effective SEO strategies tailored to the unique needs of medical practices, ensuring that websites rank prominently in relevant search results.

Let’s look at the impact it would have on your practice to excel in local medical search results tailored to your specialty…

Increase in new patients
Bring high revenue procedures
More consultations and appointments
Boost overall practice growth

Enhanced Online Visibility and Patient Acquisition

Effective SEO strategies, including keyword research, optimisation of website content, and building quality backlinks, can significantly improve a surgical practice’s online visibility.

By targeting specific keywords and tailoring content to address the needs and concerns of potential patients, surgeons can attract relevant traffic to their practice website.

By optimising a website for local search, surgeons can target patients within their geographical area, maximising their reach and attracting more local clientele.

Partnering with SEO Professionals for Optimal Results

We have established effective SEO plans for a wide array of esteemed medical professionals, spanning various specialties. Some of our clients include Children’s Allergy Doctors, IVF Matters and Shoulder and Elbow London.

Children’s Allergy Doctors have been with us since January 2023, and we have seen a steady upward trend in organic search traffic going from an average of approximately 200 users per month to 6000 users per month (2900% increase) and from 5 keywords ranking in the top 5 to 338. From 9 keywords ranking in the top 10 to 606.

IVF matters is a particular success since partnering with us in August 2023. From an average of approximately 1500 users per month to 6000 users per month (400% increase) and from 30 keywords ranking in the top 5 to 649. From 122 keywords ranking in the top 10 to 1265.

Here’s what a Surgeon client says about us…

Silvia and her team got on with the job of improving my site as soon as I signed up. Within a couple weeks they had done a full audit and edited the site, so all existing pages were optimised, and they had optimised the site to comply with the new Google algorithm.
Within 3 months my pages have jumped up the Google rankings and my number of keywords that I rank for have increased.
They have also rapidly helped me create new content for my blogs that is driving increased traffic.
Nick Ferran, Shoulder and Elbow London

The SEO for Surgeon’s Process

Technical Optimisation

  • Our first step will be to conduct a site audit to identify any technical SEO issues.
  • All issues will be fixed, such as a lack of proper meta tags, reduced page speed and poor site structure.

Keyword Research and Strategy

  • Next, we will focus on creating a Keyword-to-Content Map.
  • This involves researching the best keywords to target, based on search volume and competition.
  • We will then create new metadata for each page of the site, including SEO page titles, meta descriptions, heading tags and URL structure, to include these keywords.

Content Strategy

  • Our copywriting team will create SEO optimised content for new and existing pages as well as in the form of blog posts, after researching keyword variations relating to the topics that users typically search for.
  • Then they will create content targeting all of the most common questions that are important to those who are searching for the specific medical services offered by your practice. All the content is optimised for locally targeted keywords as part of the SEO content strategy.

Google My Business

  • To improve your site’s local SEO, we will optimise the Google Business Profile.
  • We will publish all medical services with full descriptions and details, as well as highlighting online reviews.

Here’s what a Surgeon client says about us…

Just a wonderful early experience with Silvia, Liz and the team. Best SEO company I have worked with, really friendly, knowledgeable and hardworking. I have another business and plan to onboard them soon. If only I could keep them a secret!
Dr Arjuna Imbuldeniya, Ice Ortho

Time for your practice to thrive in the Digital Era

Is your surgical practice looking to thrive in today’s digital landscape? By implementing effective SEO strategies, you can enhance your online visibility, attract more organic website traffic, and ultimately, acquire new patients.

From optimising the practice website for relevant medical keywords to leveraging the power of content marketing and online patient reviews, SEO offers a myriad of benefits for surgeons and doctors seeking to establish authority, build trust, and grow their practice.

SEO for Surgeons

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