Today, we want to join two different aims in one article: to investigate and show the UK Social Media Trends in 2017 according to Google Trends, and how to use it as an amazing free tool for your business’ market research.

If you open Google Trends, before you type anything, you’ll be shown in the Featured Insights what’s trending right now in Google search.

Below, you can find over 100 different stories of any sector and industry, trending at the moment.

Now, let’s see how to use Google Trends to get the market information we need (the UK Social Media Trends in 2017):

Typing “Social Media” in the search box, it is possible to choose different sectors for the query, among which I found search terms, categories and topics.

Since it’s one of my fields of action, I wanted to explore the Social Media Marketing topic.

It led me to a page with a graph, showing the interest over time for a selected time range.

I wanted to discover the social media trends in 2017, but it can be changed, to provide results for a time range varying from the past hour to the last 13 years.

The graph shows how the search for Social Media Marketing has been trending on Google over the last year, based on a scale from 0 to 100. If you find results close to 0 in your search, this means that you are checking a topic or a market that you probably don’t want to go into. Instead, here we have our confirmation that Social Media Trends are consistent, that there is a high number of people who are consistently interested in it. This is a very important factor to investigate, for your business market research.

I realised in the Related topics that the users searching for Social Media during the last year in the UK also searched for:

In the related queries, I also found out that the users searching Social Media also searched for

Remember that you can use the related queries for keyword ideas for your content and for your videos.

You can also go and check how people type the keyword you like (it can be anything, from “Paleolithic Diet” to “names for black cats“) in the image search of Google. I also wanted to see it for Youtube Search, since I’ll be doing a lot of my marketing on my Youtube channel as a New Year Resolution for 2018.

You can see the topics as relating to the entire world and to any Country. I wanted to research the Social Media Trends in 2017 in the UK, so I selected the United Kingdom.

You can check the interest by sub-region: in which location was the term Social Media trending the most during the last year. Values are calculated on a scale from 0 to 100, where 100 is the location with the biggest popularity and 0 indicates a location where the term was less than 1% as popular as the peak.

Looks like people from Northern Ireland are typing Social Media on Youtube the most
while for Web Search, it is England. These are particularly useful insights if you want to specifically target a sub-region for our local business ranking or for paid advertising.

UK Social Media Trends in 2017 in comparison

With Google Trends, I always recommend to start broad and then to get deeper into one specific niche.

Since another unmissable feature of Google Trends is the comparison between the trends of different search queries, I decided to compare the query search of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on Google in the UK in 2017. Here are the results, for the web search:

and the top searches related to Facebook
the rising ones related to Twitter

and the top searches related to Instagram.

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