Case Study: Coast2Coast

Automotive SEO is one of the most competitive and complex industries.

Coast2Coast Cars is a New Car Broker established in Wales in 1999. Their website features a unique configurator that lets prospective new car owners build their car step-by-step, choosing every single detail. Then, they get the best deals available in the market.

auomotive SEO Coast 2 Coast Cars

Our client came in touch with us in June 2020.

As we always do, we started analysing their website to find out what should be improved.

We identified and rectified the very frequent issues that needed technical optimisation (broken links/4xx errors, broken images, pages with too many H1s, page speed issues, robots, sitemap etc), and also external links that their former SEO suppliers had hidden, pointing out to other websites of theirs!
We immediately deleted them, so the site could retain its domain authority, and fixed all technical issues.

Analysing the backlink profile, we discovered toxic links that had been created for them and needed to be disavowed on Google Search Console.

We then made a plan to tackle the lots of thin content pages that had been created before.

We expanded the ones that could provide value to the reader, deleted the ones that didn’t, and merged together pieces that belonged to the same “search intent”.

We planned the new content strategy around branded and non-branded keywords: keyword research showed how constantly people search for queries related to specific car makes, but also general ones around electric/petrol/hybrid cars, how to buy them, etc.
A regular content plan was set in motion, all nicely interlinked.

SEO is a data-based science, so let’s look at some figures of what we achieved:

In June 2020, when we started working together

Coast2Coast Cars was ranking for 474 Keywords, of which 36 in the top 10 positions of Google

After 6 months of working together, in December 2020

They were ranking for 677 total Keywords, 45 of which in the top 10

One year after, in June 2021

Their site was ranking for 1,046 total Keywords, 58 of which in top 10

2 years after, in June 2022

The growth of their online presence keeps growing steadily: they were ranking for 1,552 total Keywords, 101 of which in the top 10