Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping days of the year, in which every year local retailers and e-commerce owners offer special discounts: in this article, we will list some email marketing campaign ideas that you can keep in mind for your email communication, also on other occasions.


Emailing your subscribers list is surely the best way to inform them about the discounts you are going to make and drive sales on Black Friday. However, email marketing campaigns should always work integrated with other media. Digital Marketing campaigns never work in silos, but in connection, the same connection that will bind you to your audience.

Embedding your social feeds in emails will deliver social proof and bring email and social audiences together.  At the same time, social media marketing can actually be used to grow your subscribers’ list.

Finally, don’t forget to make everything as shareable as possible: make images Instagram and Pinterest-friendly with just one click and include social share buttons on the product descriptions your email links to, as well as in the email itself.


We will never stop repeating that the best way to get, in Digital Marketing (generally, in business – and even more generally, in life!) is to give.

Give valuable information and your customers will get to know you, like you and trust you. They will buy from you and refer you to other prospective customers.

Email marketing a powerful way to send informative content to your subscribers; Black Friday makes no exception.

During Black Friday, consumers are thinking of Christmas. They need ideas about what to buy for friends and family and you can help them out! Offer gift buying guides based on demographics, like “The best gift for teens“, businesswomen or dog-lovers. You will be addressing a fertile ground, basically explaining people preferences to each other.

Remember: helping out others can be addictive (and trusting a source of information, too!). So, if you feel like you just can’t stop sending helpful informative content to your subscribers, keep on doing it by offering them detailed guides on how to use the products you are selling. With creativity, you can find compelling ways to provide interesting ideas on home furnishings or clothing, just as well as a how-to video on a new digital camera.

Once these assets are created, they will keep generating traffic. Re-use them through your various channels, integrated – as just explained in the point above. Post them to Instagram or Youtube and link to your website for them to get extra traffic and conversions. You can then embed them in your email campaigns, too!


As just said, Black Friday comes just before Christmas, which is for shoppers the most urgent time of the year.

You have urgency, scarcity, money off, all ready and waiting to help you sell. However, that does not mean you can sit back. Everyone wants to sell on Black Friday. So, help people realise they’d better take your offers seriously into consideration, now, speaking to the anxieties that they are starting to feel already.

It is as if you were building “urgency ‘ramps’” to “‘islands of scarcity“.

For instance, use a countdown or a time-limited pre-Black Friday offer. Once someone downloaded the coupon, they will feel a sense of loss aversion, being much more likely to purchase. The sense of scarcity then must be reinforced, informing that the limited discounted stock is nearly selling out. So, their loss aversion will encourage them to purchase before it’s over.


These final tips should be kept in mind not just for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, but always: before launching, do make sure that your website’s navigation is intuitive and shipping fees are as close to zero, as possible.

What about you? Have you tested any other well-performing email marketing campaign ideas? Let us know them in the comment or on our Social Media!

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