If you are a local business owner, you want to discover how to get your business on Google Maps so that, for example, when people search for a hairdresser on search engines or online maps, your business will show up with the correct business information in Google.

To achieve this, you need to sign up for Google My Business, a free service that lets you maintain your business information online.

To get your business on Google Maps you’ll have to either add your business on Google, or claim your ownership of it.

Start searching for your business on Google. If any of the results match your business information, check to see if the “Are you the business owner?” button appears. If it does, then the business isn’t claimed and you can click the link.

If the button “Are you the business owner?” doesn’t appear, try signing up with any other Google accounts you might have (you may have multiple Google accounts, including one for personal use and one for business use), to see if you already claimed the business by using another account. Google often adds businesses by using information available online, so don’t be alarmed if you don’t remember adding your business yourself.

If your business is already on Google, you’ll first be asked to confirm, authorise to manage it and agree to the Google’s terms of service. Then you’ll see the option to request verification.

If you don’t see the “Are you the business owner?”, go to https://google.com/business and click the “Get on Google” button.

If you don’t have a Google account yet, click the “Create account” button at the button of your screen.

You are going to be asked to search for your business. If you see your business, click on it. It’s ok if not all the details are up-to-date: you’ll be able to change them later.

How to add a business on Google

If you don’t see your business after searching, click on the magnifying glass to get the option to add your business.

How to get your Business on Google Maps: add a listing

Enter the most current and accurate information for your business, then you will need to verify it. This will tell Google that your business listing was genuine and that you are this business’ owner. If there is an edit that you would like to do to this listing, we suggest you click the option to continue and verify it later.

It’s best not to make any change to your name, address or business category between when you request your verification code and when you actually receive the code and verify your business. If you make this type of changes during this time, you may need to request a new code.

To avoid delays in the process, pay extra attention that your name, address and category are correct before requesting the verification.

Google Verify My Business 

If someone has already claimed and verified your business, you’ll receive a pop-up notification, asking you to request manager rights. Check again all of your Google accounts to see if any of them are the business owner on Google. Each business can only have one owner per location, so you won’t be able to duplicate your business if someone else has already verified it. If you want to edit your business information, you’ll need to request manager rights.

You can now verify your business listing by postcard or,  only available for specific businesses, by phone, email or instantly. You can also bulk verify businesses with 10+ locations.

The verification by postcard is absolutely the most common, even if it can become a bit tricky, as many business owners report issues receiving their postcards (when the postal address is different than the business address, or for businesses based in small mountain towns which only have PO Boxes, etc).

However, once you receive your verification code, you need to enter it into Google My Business.
If you’re managing multiple businesses, choose the one at the address where you received the postcard.
Click Verify location from the menu or the Verify now button and follow the prompts to complete verification.

A soon as your business listing is verified, you have access to a plenty of very useful features. You will be now able to add and edit all your local business details, adding posts, many different types of photos and all the information you’d like to communicate in a very easy way, also via the mobile app.

Google My Business also helps you discover how people find your business. From the Insights, you can learn how customers are interacting with your business listing, how did people find you, where are they coming from.

How to get your Business on Google Maps: Insights

Try and let us know if you succeeded adding, editing and verifying your local business on Google. If you showcase your own listing to the community on our Facebook page, we could pay a visit to each others’ businesses, one day, and write us reviews, which are so very important!

If you need any help with your listing, just let us know!