Case Study: Mortlake Law London


In July 2020 we started assisting our client Mortlake Law with a Legal SEO Plan.


Six months later, as a consequence of our work, the total users of their website improved by +230% (from 126 in July 2020 to 416 in February 2021).


Keywords Ranking:


This chart shows Mortlake Law’s keywords ranking in the time frame between July 2020 and February 2021, and their progressive improvement.


In July 2020 they started working with us. The keywords for which Mortlake Law ranked were a total of 90.

There were no keywords in the top 3.  Just 4 keywords on the first page of Google (two of which were variations of the business owner’s name). 8 keywords on the second page, and more ranking even lower.


After 6 months of working together, in February 2021, Mortlake Law’s website ranked for 298 keywords (+231%).

The site is now ranking on the first position of the first page (the very top result) on Google for “family lawyer south West London, which, considering the location of the client (Sheen, SW14) is extremely targeted and appropriate.

The site ranks on Google’s first page for 8 more keywords, including very competitive and targeted ones like:
  • inheritance tax lawyers London
  • divorce lawyers west London
  • property mediation

Google Analytics:

The total users of the website improved from 126 in July 2020 to 416 in February 2021 (230,1%).

The sessions improved from 175 to 620 (+254,2%) and Page Views improved from 440 to 1501 (+241,1%).

Panoramic of Acquisition (Visitors) from all sources:

On Google Analytics, ‘Organic Search’ lists visitors who are finding a website after using a search engine like Google or Bing.

The number of visitors coming to Mortlake Law’s website from ‘Organic Search’ in 6 months grew by 694%.

A great team in this successful Legal SEO Campaign:

In conclusion, the Mortlake Law SEO campaign has seen a seamless and very enjoyable collaboration between our Agency, the client’s Marketing Consultant Sunara Spires of Inspires Marketing, and Helen Bantock, website developer of Kite Web Design.