Case Study: Children’s Allergy Doctors

Medical SEO has transformed the online landscape for healthcare professionals across the globe.

Children’s Allergy Doctors, a team led by the renowned Dr Helen Brough, specialising in paediatric allergies and immunology, are no exception. They’ve made it their mission to support children and adolescents grappling with various allergy-related conditions.

When the Children’s Allergy Doctors team decided it was time to elevate their digital presence, they sought the services of an SEO agency specialising in the medical field – PinkSEO. Known for its results-oriented approach, PinkSEO consistently secures a spot within the top three on the first page of Google results for “Medical SEO for doctors and dentists”. The decades of expertise make PinkSEO a go-to partner for healthcare professionals.

The Challenge:

In the rapidly advancing world of digital marketing for healthcare, many medical practitioners feel their SEO needs are not met to their satisfaction. Our experience with clients across the medical industry shows a common narrative of dissatisfaction with previous SEO service providers. The team at Children’s Allergy Doctors shared this narrative, having experienced less than satisfactory support from their previous SEO partner. This necessitated a fresh start and a revived trust in the Medical SEO industry.

Our Approach:

As always, our team began by conducting a thorough analysis of the Children’s Allergy Doctors’ website. We identified several technical issues, such as broken links and images, pages with excessive H1s, slow page speeds, and problems with their bots.txt, sitemap and so on.

After addressing these technical issues, we set our sights on optimising their content by performing in-depth keyword research to inform our content creation strategy before proceeding with on-page optimisation where we fine-tuned all existing articles and pages for both branded and non-branded keywords.

Additionally, we worked on creating a comprehensive content plan to drive the creation of new, SEO-friendly content. Our aim was to ensure that both existing patients and potential clients in the “discovery” phase could easily find the website and the information they were looking for.

The Results:

SEO is a field governed by data, so let’s delve into some impressive numbers:

In January 2023, when our partnership began, Children’s Allergy Doctors was ranking for 161 keywords, with only 6 of these being in the Top 10.

The site had 561 total users, with 317 (55%) of these coming from organic search.

Fast forward five months to May 2023, and the results of our dedicated work were clear to see.

The website was now ranking for 1,049 keywords, with 29 of these in the Top 10 of Google.

The site saw a significant jump in users to 1,938 total, with a staggering 1,663 (85%) of these coming from organic search.


This case study showcases the power of effective SEO in transforming a medical practice’s digital presence.

Through our holistic approach to SEO, we not only addressed technical issues on the Children’s Allergy Doctors’ website but also enhanced their content strategy.

The result was an improved online presence that significantly boosted their visibility and user engagement.

We look forward to seeing Children’s Allergy Doctors continue to flourish and serve more patients as their digital partners.