(SEO) Search Engine Optimisation Services help to increase the visibility of a website across Search Engines.

More than 90% of people begin their search for local businesses online (tweet this). This is why Search Engine Optimisation Services continue to be amongst the most effective forms of marketing available today.

But, as useful as Search Engine Optimisation Services are, they are also amongst one of the most complex technical marketing techniques available, which create confusion and missed opportunities for many business owners.

Over the years, we have worked with dozens of companies and spoken with many, many more. We studied hundreds of them, and we’ve come to the conclusion that choosing NOT to pursue Search Engine Optimisation Services should be a very rare exception and never a rule because SEO works. It brings in traffic and revenue, which are both key ingredients to win profitable and sustainable businesses.

So here are some of the ways we do SEO – Search Engine Optimisation:

    • Optimise the User Experience. The Search Engine algorithms, which are the complicated match equations that determine why certain websites appear higher than others, are notorious for change. The current focus is on User Experience, which means sites that are easy to navigate and mobile friendly tend to rank higher.
    • Keyword Placement. Search Engines determine a website ranking in their results page according to the type, number (keyword density, rather than keyword stuffing) and placement (URL, titles, body copy, page descriptions, images) of keywords.
    • Keywords research and selection, with a focus on long-tail keywords with lower keyword difficulty.
    • Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) – a mathematical method used to determine the relationship between synonyms and similar words.
    • Make it shareable. Search engines get their proof of a website’s ranking worth through the quality and number of links that are pointing back to the website.
    • The best long-term strategy for safely build high-quality links is an SEO-focused Content Marketing Strategy (video, infographics, images, quality content).
    • Link Building – this is required to give your content better visibility, and it can be achieved though Manual Outreach, Paid Traffic, Social Media.

Each of the performed Search Engine Optimisation Services is reported in detail, to allow you to monitor any progress and any impact on your site position.

Ask us for an Seo Audit of your Site. It’s an easy way to identify (data at hand) whether any Search Engine Optimisation bug is holding your website back from ranking on Google as it should.

Select the best keywords to focus each page and article upon and start tracking how your website is ranking on Google for them.

Don’t forget to keep building high quality links to your website and to check whether your backlink profile is really the best it could be!