In more than a decade of work in this field, we have been involved in a few SEO projects for fashion brands.

What did they all have in common?

This is a very easy question to answer! I’m sure that, if you have been reading some of our articles so far, you will surely know!

They all had an e-commerce version of their retail shop, meaning they were selling through their websites.

This is what made them need search engine optimisation: to Be Found Online better and to be able to sell more of their fashion products.

Another thing they had in common is that they were small fashion businesses, not huge brands.

As a small business ourselves, we are big supporters of small businesses, started by people with dreams, often family-led, who fight their way every day through the challenges and uncertainty of being an entrepreneur. They want, to build something new, following a vision, a burning desire – and hopefully also a detailed business plan 🙂

As we say on our website,

Who said a small business can’t have cutting-edge SEO?

It’s just a matter of choosing and targeting attainable goals.

With SEO, this means generally choosing a niche, which is also usually the reason that compels someone to set up a business in the first place: finding something unique to offer and meeting a specific need that wasn’t satisfied before.

In the fashion industry, this equals launching a brand around a unique need/goal that you truly care about, with clear ideas: a niche.

Listing just a few of the types of fashion projects we have been asked to support with SEO strategy and execution over the years so far, translates to:

  • Bespoke tailoring for women
  • Maternity fashion that you can (and want) to keep on wearing over the years
  • Eco-friendly sportswear
  • Unique bags handmade from recycled materials
  • Stylish clothing for pet lovers

Sometimes they come to us through a contact form on our site because they found us online (we practice what we preach by optimising our website, too!), with a message like:


I’m looking for someone who can help me with SEO on a WooCommerce / WordPress site. We are an online retailer and are looking to improve natural listings.

Can you please let me have an idea of the best options that’ll suit me? We are a small business (almost a start-up).

Sometimes, a previous client referred them to us, so the message we received was more like this:

“My wonderful friend xx owns her own fashion clothing brand. She would be interested in chatting to you about improving the SEO on her website, and so I am connecting the two of you…”

Sometimes, we met them at a networking event, so the first contact was something like this:

“It was lovely to see you at the [networking group] meeting today and thank you for your presentation. I would love to catch up with you and arrange a 1-2-1. SEO is something I know I need to work on this year, so I would like to chat to you about working with you. My website speed is shocking (only 15!), so there is a lot of potential for improvement.”.

In all these cases, as soon as we met and analysed their sites, we agreed on a bespoke SEO strategy, since every website has got specific needs when it comes to optimisation.

Anyway, there are some common points we always need to take care of, and they can become the best SEO practices for your own fashion brand.

From a technical SEO point of view, ensure the site is mobile-friendly, pages load fast and well, and everything important is indexed with no errors. You’ll also need the right types of structured data to be implemented correctly.

From a content perspective, keyword research, as you surely know by now, is a phase of paramount importance, and you’ll have to find the most precise long-tail keywords for each of your product pages. (More on the topic in this post: What are long tail keywords and why do they convert more?)

This strategy is one of the most delicate. Targeting the wrong keywords can slow the success of your SEO strategy.

Make sure product descriptions are high quality (see our article on this topic SEO Tips for Ecommerce Websites: Product descriptions) and not thin and almost meaningless. Images and videos should really entice the audience to buy your products, and plenty of reviews should make them feel safe and compelled by peer pressure.

Once the site has been optimised, do not forget to track the results you are achieving. Check ranking and organic traffic to your site, conversion rate, sales and goals (do not forget to track them on Google Analytics) are improving as you planned, and how your site’s bounce rate is going, etc.

Also, remember not to keep your site static. Keep creating new content. Start a new blog section providing regular, high-quality and original content aimed to inform your audience (not to overly promote your business and products!).

These articles will help your readers find information relevant to your niche (be it camping, ballet, maternity… you name it!).

The blog posts will help the audience find solutions to their issues and contain a call to action to buy and internal links pointing to your products as the ideal solution in that specific sort of scenario.

This regular, fresh content will be a goldmine of opportunity for you to keep in touch with prospective customers in your niche also via your social media (here’s our article on the influence between social media and SEO) and newsletter (Adam Kitchen of Magnet Monster, a real authority in the eCommerce field, wrote for us a handy guide on the 2 best platforms for email marketing for e-commerce websites).

I know, this can sound like a lot.

But it does produce results. Not straight away, because we know SEO is a long-term strategy, but organic traffic is the only sustainable way to plan the growth of your e-commerce site.

If you would like support because you think you could never do this all on your own (you’ve got a business to run!), or you find these technical topics confusing, then you know you can outsource this to professionals. In our case, it would be an Agency dedicated to doing nothing other than SEO. Unlike most providers of SEO services, we do not optimise websites together with web development or together with social media, paid advertising or anything else.

Our whole team is dedicated only to SEO to provide the most cutting-edge and specialised services.

Here’s something that one of our clients in the fashion industry recently wrote about us:

“I have loved working with the PinkSEO agency and learnt so much. The first step is a full site audit which is fantastic to get an objective and experienced review. From here the team put in place some great action points, keeping me updated all the time. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Silvia and her team.”

(Abigail Halpin, Molly and Milo)

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