Case Study: Educational Toys Manufacturing Company Edx Education

Edx Education is a multi-award-winning manufacturing company focused on developing quality hands-on educational materials to foster children’s learning through play.

Over the past 20 years, Edx Education has grown into a major supplier to the international education market, exporting to more than 90 countries.

We started supporting this international brand with SEO services during the pandemic.

It was quite a unique time, as so many parents were forced to stay home with their children and face the challenges of not only home-schooling but entertaining them as well, and all whilst working from home.

As we always do, we started with analysing the website and found a handful of technical issues.

In order to technically optimise the website, we identified and removed the broken links/4xx errors, broken images, pages with too many H1s, and then fixed page speed issues, bots.txt, sitemap and much more.

We further optimised all the products and pages for branded and non-branded keywords.

As Edx Education is so well-renowned, we needed to make sure that people searching for the product names would be able to find them as easily as prospective clients who didn’t know about them yet but were probably still in a “discovery”-phase, (where they were trying to get ideas on the best educational resources and toys for specific needs and situations).

We then looked at creating new content and started a content plan.

We wanted the brand to become the main reference point for educators and parents searching for information and advice on the “learning through play” (the company motto) areas, for children with special needs and non.

This was also strengthened by the brand’s podcasting efforts. All of the episodes are regularly added as articles to allow users to find and divulge the content in written form if they prefer.

SEO is a data-based science, so here are some figures of what we achieved:

In May 2021, when we started working together,

Edx Education was ranking for 1,624 keywords total, 132 of which were in the Top 10.

They had 3,334 total users, 1837 of which were coming to the site through organic search (search engines) (54%).

After 7 months of work together, in December 2021:

they were ranking for 2,783 keywords total, 223 of which were in the Top 10 of Google.

They had 2,986 total users, 1,956 of which were entering the site from organic search (search engines) (65%).

The decrease was due to a more targeted selection of users, that spent more time on the site and had a lower bounce rate, proving that the site was now being found for the right reasons by the targeted segment of an audience of parents, educators/teachers and distributors.

After one year of work together, in May 2022:

They were ranked for 2,891 keywords total, 165 of which were in the Top 10.

They had 4,137 targeted users, 2,103 of which were coming to the site through organic search (search engines).

It is a real privilege working with this brand and we are delighted with their testimonial of their experience with us:

“We have been working with PinkSEO to improve our companies search ability, content creation and understanding of the importance of the digital presence. Under the strategic direction of PinkSEO’s Director, Silvia, we have had amazing results for the brand, SEO, and awareness. As well as being educated on simple tactics to introduce. Their report is great, we understand what has been done, where we are going and how we can move forward. We really enjoy working with these SEO specialists to optimise the company presence”.

(Heather Welch, International Brand Manager)