Wix Case Study

Boost your optician website’s online visibility and traffic with our proven SEO strategies. Check out our case study on SEO for optometrists.

In this case study, we will take a look at a local business that came to us for help with their SEO.

The business had been established for 7 years and had a website built on the WIX platform.

Our goal was to improve their online visibility and drive more traffic to their website. They planned to work with us on this SEO campaign for 10 months.


STEP 1 – Site Audit

Technical SEO fixes

Our first step was to conduct a site audit to identify any technical SEO issues.

We found several issues that needed to be fixed, such as a lack of proper meta tags and poor site structure.

We were able to fix as many of these issues as possible within the limitations of the WIX platform.

technical SEO Wix

STEP 2 – Keyword Strategy

Creation of Keyword-to-Content Map

Next, we focused on creating a Keyword-to-Content Map.

This involved researching the best local keywords to target, based on search volume and competition.

We then created new metadata for each page of the site, including title tags, meta descriptions, and URLs, to include these keywords.

seo hounslow local business

STEP 3 – Content Strategy


To improve the site’s content, we first expanded the existing pages to address “thin content” issues.

Our dedicated copywriting resource has expanded them all based on local keywords and competitors’ performance.


seo for optometrists

STEP 3 – Content Strategy


Our copywriting team then created new pages.

Brand pages were developed, showcasing the eyewear collections with the branded and authorised imagery and videos, and plenty of descriptions to support the user experience and the conversion.

STEP 3 – Content Strategy


Our copywriting team also created blog posts, after researching the topics that users search usually when in need of eye care services.

They then created content targeting all the most common questions that are extremely important for people searching for an eye doctor.  All the new articles have been optimised for the locally targeted keywords as part of the content SEO strategy.

All these articles were precious for the company to also be shared via their social media as part of their optometry digital marketing strategies.

SEO optician

STEP 4 – LOCAL SEO – Google My Business


To improve the site’s local SEO, we fully optimised the client’s created Google My Business Profile.

We published all of their products and services with full descriptions and details.


local seo optician


We also shared articles on the profile, which can help their online presence and visibility.


local seo for optometrists


All their services with a full explanation, starting price and link to the site have been listed on the Google Business Profile, too.


RESULTS – Keywords



The results of our efforts were impressive.

We saw improvements in keyword rankings, with many keywords moving up several pages on Google search results.

+ 280% Keywords


+65% Users per month!

We saw a significant increase in organic traffic, with a particularly high percentage of users coming from local searches.




In addition, the business saw an increase in the number of phone calls and email inquiries, indicating that more people were finding and contacting the business through online searches.


This case study demonstrates the importance of a comprehensive SEO strategy for local businesses.

By focusing on technical SEO fixes, keyword research, content optimisation, and local SEO, we were able to improve the online visibility and drive more traffic to the site.

The results speak for themselves, with a significant increase in organic traffic and improved keyword rankings.

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