The Site Audit Report allows discovering any eventual on-site issue, to then be able to fix and boost the search engine optimisation.

A Site Audit Report is basically a way to assess your website’s health, and specifically:

  • Its internal and external links;
  • Tags, to discover eventual missing ones;
  • Titles, meta descriptions, and other HTML tags to be unique and meaningful for users and search engines (to read more about the purpose of this check, here’s our explanatory article “SEO Basics Checklist part 1: Title Tag & Meta Descriptions“);
  • Images, in order to detect any eventually broken ones or missing a correct alt attribute;
  • Kind of error responses;
  • Duplicate, missing and thin content;
  • Keywords Usage;
  • Robots.txt Test
  • Sitemap Test
  • The Site Audit Report provides also insights of all the criteria which determine your web pages loading speed (read more about this: “How important is really speed for SEO“),
  • server and security (including HTTPS checks, which may discover any problems arisen from moving your domain to HTTPS)
  • and mobile usability information.

Any eventual error or issue will be provided with suggestions in order to prioritise actions and decide what to fix first.

After producing and issuing the Site Audit Report, our developers can quote the execution of all or any of the required actions, in case the client’s own programmers wouldn’t be able to perform them (partially or entirely).

The results of any Site Audit Report will be provided to the client’s submitted e-mail address within 7 working days after the service has been purchased.

After performing the first assessment, the client can request the special discount code, which will allow them to receive further audits, each with a 20% discount, to get later reports updated with the freshest results.

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