Case Study: Dotty’s Oils

Dotty’s Oils are two generations of women who discovered the power of holistic healing through the use of essential oils and supplements. They started Dotty’s Oils to share expertise in using essential oils as a natural solution to life’s challenges.

PinkSEO.Marketing has been helping them for more than a year in their mission of making available their best information to customers by optimising all of their unique products and recipes on their website harnessing SEO opportunities.

Here’s their Squarespace SEO Case Study.

Just comparing the last 4 months of the year, the total number of users of the site improved from 928 in January 2021 to 2938 April 2021, an increase of 216%.

Keywords Comparison

This chart shows the keywords’ comparison for Dotty’s Oils between January 2021 and April 2021.

You can spot the trend of a steady increase from the first month through to a consistent improvement thereafter.

In January 2021, the ranked keywords for Dotty’s Oils were a total of 425, of which 62 on the first page of Google.

By April 2021, following the work of PinkSEO, ranked keywords increased +38%, and they are ranking as shown in the list below

Google Analytics

In April, compared to January we had an improvement of +216% users, +240% Sessions and +229% page views.

Panoramic of Acquisition (Visitors) from all source

The efficacy of the SEO campaign can be even more proven by the increase of the traffic coming from Organic Search.

In April 2021, 2,624 visitors came from search engines. In January, only 834 users came from this source.

This is a +232% growth in organic traffic.