“Why do you need FTP access to optimise a website instead of just the access to the client’s WordPress or their CMS?”

This is a question Web Developers often ask us.

Actually, it shows me that they often do not have a precise idea of the type of optimisation that we perform.

SEO is not what most people apparently think it is, just putting keywords in titles, meta descriptions, images, content, basically just using Yoast or similar tools.

This might be how some offer SEO services… however, just doing this will not get their clients very far in terms of ranking – unless the keywords are very easy, local, and not competitive.

They seem to be missing all the world of technical optimisation, which is vital to be able to really rank a site these days. 

At PinkSEO.Marketing, we have a team of web developers who do not create new code/websites but fully optimise the coding assets of our clients’ sites.

They’re crucial to a winning SEO strategy because the most common SEO issues are not just related to the content – and using the CMS backend, you can only update the content.

Technical issues are fixable only by amending the source code of the website.

Just a couple of examples of why does an SEO company need FTP access:

  • Multiple headings. We may change the content of these tags just through the backend but in order to change some default options, you need to access the source code, there’s no other way.
  • Downloading the website and creating a shadow environment. You might want to do the above to find the best way to improve the website performance and page speed. This operation has a powerful impact on the website and executing it straight away on the production website could be quite risky.

Granting FTP access to your trusted SEO agency allows us to operate at 100% of our possibilities and to resolve any SEO issues. Without it, we’d be
limited to content optimisation/creation only.

Search Engine Optimisation work should be done in a complete way to really be efficient.