Many small business owners nowadays know that they should provide their audience with informative, useful content – yet they struggle to understand how to do it, and what to write. So, today I’d like to share a few content creation tips, on how to provide your target audience with some content that they will find informative, useful, interesting, and possibly worth sharing!

You all have so much experience in your field of expertise: you only need to try and express it, out of any kind of commercial interest. Try to walk into your customers’ shoes: which are generally their pain points and their needs? Why do they generally come to you?

We’re overwhelmed by ads every day: nobody wants to read self-advertising articles and posts. Instead, we all have struggles and problems. We naturally feel thankful towards who helps solve our them, spending their time just to give to their audience, out of commercial interest, information that comes from their experience and expertise. This is a natural way to build brand authority branding and trust. If your audience realises that you are a resource, a free source of information and tips on something they need, or they want to know, they will desire to spend time reading what you write.

Before you start worrying you don’t have enough ideas on what to write about, spend a minute or two thinking back about the real people you helped, or if your business is still relatively young, how much did you study to learn what you do, how much help you can provide. If you have specific examples of customers you assisted: which were their problems? What caused them? What is some kind of general consideration/conclusion you can offer from this experience?

Write about what you know so well and what you love. What helps or makes worse your customers’ problems? Which are the healthier habits they could have and the ones they could definitely stop having – and why? How to do this?

Start thinking of creating general articles out of specific questions you receive (as it’s the case of this very article!) so that you will have the chance to widen the possible audience of these tips you are providing. They can be useful to many more people, especially if then you share them through your Social Media.

Don’t forget you can even research their problems, using free tools like AnswerthePublic and all the other ones we suggested in this article about how to explore the needs and the words used by people in any niche.

Also, keep in mind that if you collect your content as articles on your website, they will be:

  • much easier to be found whenever you need to access them again for linking articles to each other, something you should always do for Search Engine Optimisation purposes, but also for your readers to be able to find some content they might not have discovered yet,
  • ready for you to send to anyone else who will in the next future ask you for the same kind of question (saving you so much time, not having to type the same tips again!)
  • Helping your website be considered more relevant and informative by Google for your niche and topics, leading to an improvement in ranking, particularly if Google RankBrain can detect positive signals of User Experience on it;
  • be a lead magnet for your customers to other sections on your site, the ones in which you showcase your products and services, for example.

Obviously, the last two points wouldn’t happen if you didn’t have a website to post these articles on, and you chose to use Social Media posts, instead. This is one of the main reasons why, when people ask me: “But do I even really need a website?“, my answer, from so many years of experience, is always, absolutely: “yes, you do…“: Social Media is a powerful distribution channel of your content, you should really never neglect, and possibly understand and master, but it cannot ever substitute having a website, as your content headquarters.

How do you create informative content for your audience? Share with us your own content creation tips & best practices commenting this article, please!

Content creation tips: how to create informative content for your audience
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Content creation tips: how to create informative content for your audience
Some content creation tips, if you struggle to understand how to write informative content to your target audience and what to write.
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