The aim to achieve with Digital Marketing for Schools is to get your school’s ideal families to know, like and trust you in order to be loyal ambassadors for your school (tweet this!).

We help achieve this through a strategy of Digital Marketing for Schools  that takes into consideration the following steps:

STEP 1: DIFFERENTIATION. Identifying the most important 3-5 distinct differentiators of the school’s unique selling proposition.

STEP 2: Getting the 3 Rs of School Marketing (RECRUITMENT, RETENTION, REFERRALS), through a variety of activities, like:

  • developing a maximal online exposure of the various activities of the school (supporting charitable causes, offering the school premises to organisations, using other’s facilities, visiting, giving support, etc), always using all the precious local hashtags, that will bring awareness n the local community of the existence and the qualities of your school;
  • Managing your Online Reputation and Reviews;
  • Creating optimised Email Marketing campaigns in the form of story newsletters, where to reiterate the unique selling proposition’s bullet points, with Alumni storytelling (in written, audio, video format) to showcase the evidence.
  • We will help you treasure contact details and source leads in various ways (for example, asking for registration to Open Mornings through free online tickets).
  • We will help you make sure that each family feels appreciated and acknowledged, by keeping a record when each student is mentioned in a newsletter on social media.

  • We will help you manage a teachers’ page on your website, featured on the various media channels of the school.

  • We will forge with you a Parent Ambassadors Programme.


  • From Seasonal Events to Anniversary teasings, we will help you School calendarize with great advance each activity.
  • We will also help you create content in WRITTEN, AUDIO and VIDEO form to inform, engage, create trust and achieve the 3-Rs.
  • We will delivery your calendarized content in all the most relevant channels and specific ways.


  • We will assess the situation on the School’s website via SEOSearch Engine Optimisation audits and resolve any kind of technical issue that prevents it from ranking better on Search Engines with the keywords that we will decide together;
  • We will track the positioning of the school’s website with each chosen keyword, in order to measure the result of any Search Engine Optimisation action taken,
  • We will create and use all the Social Media Channels each in its most effective way of branding, engaging, recruiting, teaching, community making, obtaining the 3-Rs, celebrating students’ success and showcasing evidence of school values.


  • If your School is Christian, we will help you plan activities to improve Church Relation; 
  • we will help you make preschools familiar with your program and work on good relationships,
  • we will ask alumni for testimonials, sharing photos/engaging short videos of them and their quotes through engaging Storytelling;
  • we will build a referral incentive initiative as part of the link to your School’s community;
  • We will help you get the best from your Open Evenings/Open Mornings,
  • to network with private schools of a different grade for little/older siblings (so that you could organise events together, as well) and much more.

Contact us and ask us to help you give you some specific examples of the activities of Digital Marketing for Schools that we could target specifically for you!