I have just received a question from a client and it inspired me to write this article.

Actually, it was a very common question, a real F.A.Q, and I recalled having written an article on this topic here on my site a bit ago, so I sent them the link. Quick, easy and very professional.

During these years, I’ve been sharing several articles of this kind on my blog, very common topics that can help as many readers as possible. I believe that this is a good tip I’d like to share with everyone:

Your website should be the stronghold where you keep all of your content.

When you have a frequently asked question, create an article about this topic. This way, it will be readily available the next time a client asks you the same question.

Having an answer in an article will give you a number of benefits;

  1. firstly, you save time because you don’t have to type all of that answer again
  2. secondly, you will have more content for your website
  3. and you can interconnect similar topics neatly through a net of internal links that will help your SEO greatly and will help your website visitors discover more of your wealth of expertise and knowledge that you can share.

Having a new visitor on your site is basically the same as when you welcome someone into your house. After you showed them one room, you want to lead them to discover more. Internal links can help you achieve this kind of result, and help you improve your rankings on Google.

When someone asks you a question and you already have an article written about this topic, all you have to do is send a link to the relevant page on your website. They will then see that you wrote an informative article, which contributes to creating a very professional impression.

Your article will answer their question, and make you remembered as the go-to person because of the practical help you give. Among so many competitors, you are the one with the resource that helped them, because you have the knowledge and expertise.

Also, having articles on your website will create more searchable keywords.

If it is something you are asked about often, then it is probably something that others search for, too.

And if it regards your industry, your products and services, the article can give you good chances to be found on Google by others you would have never meant otherwise (the aim of SEO in a nutshell).

As soon as you have written the article, then you can share it from your site to any distribution channel.

You can use your social media and/or your mailing to widen up its audience and the potential reach.

I often see entrepreneurs keeping their content on their social media directly. However, my professional recommendation is to keep content on your site and use social media just to share it widely.

Keeping your content on your website will make it even easier to be retrieved in the future.

If you want to find that answer again for the next client who asks the question, it is so much easier for you if you can use the search function on your website (an important feature I truly recommend) to find it. It would be tougher to search through all of the posts you have written on social media, or searching through previous emails sent thinking

‘who did I send it to?’

‘what was their name?’

‘what was the email subject?’

You can just know that all this information is safe on your site.

Just remember to have a check every now and again to verify if the content is up to date before you send it, because an article that you wrote last year may need a few changes. Updating the content on your site will be beneficial for SEO purposes and you won’t risk any visitor of your website to associate your business with outdated, unprofessionally-looking information.

Ask yourself, when answering a question:

  • May this information be useful to other (prospective) clients?
  • May I need it again in the future?

If so, save it on your website, the stronghold of your content.