From the earliest days of 2018, a new Digital Marketing Training Program has been launched, aimed to get the Digital Culture closer to Small Business Owners, Freelancers and Professionals.

The modular sectors of the new SEO Training Courses are many because the different aspects that together compose the wide range Digital Marketing Strategies are various.

Included in the 60 minutes interactive live video chat on Skype coaching, you’ll have the following  the Digital Marketing Training modules:

Introduction to SEO – Search Engine Optimisation:

The tools of the trade

Growing skills offline

  • How to create a good presentation with PowerPoint
  • First Steps with Excel
  • How to use Trello for project management
  • Canva to create free easy images
  • MovieMaker: how to create your own videos

Social Media Marketing:

  • How to build a YouTube Company channel step by step
  • Twitter Marketing
  • Effective LinkedIn strategies
  • How to Prioritise Social Engagement (when time/budgets are low)
  • Google Plus: what is it for?
  • ABC of a Facebook Page
  • Instagram: strategies from the world’s most followed accounts
  • Shall I use Pinterest for my Business?

Content Marketing

  • Common Mistakes in Content Marketing
  • Which type of content do you need for your business
  • Where and how to find the content you need
  • Storytelling secrets
  • Audience First and Buyer Personas

Paid Search Marketing

  • Introduction to Google AdWords
  • Facebook Advertising

Email Marketing

  • Copywriting and Email Marketing
  • Email Marketing best practices and scenarios

Specific Modules: Digital Marketing for

All the Digital Marketing Modules will be released at Basics level. Intermediate – Expert level modules will be released according to the requests.

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